We provide high-tech integrated solutions in consulting, system integration, managed services and outsourcing of business processes, cloud computing for all industries in Russia.

International specialists work in the company's offices in Moscow, Voronezh and Krasnodar, as well as remotely in Russia and CIS countries. AUXO's mission is built around the main priorities: Customers, People and Development. The company contributes to accelerating the transition of society to a digital future, including the support of these priorities.

We appreciate the experience of working in the international structure of Atos, but our activities continue within the framework of the Russian company AUXO, which is included in the register of accredited IT companies.

We have retained our experience, expertise and employees. Changes are certainly necessary, but our key principles of work will remain the same. The Russian organization, which was previously part of the global structure of Atos, retains its existing obligations to employees, customers, partners, and continues to provide services.

  • Alexey Dekalo
    CEO (General manager)

  • Alexey Konyshkov
    COO (deputy General manager for Operations)

  • Mikhail Lyadov
    CCO (deputy General manager for Commercial)

  • Yulia Mironova
    CFO (deputy General manager for Finance)

employees in Moscow, Voronezh, Krasnodar
& remote locations

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