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Modern technologies, expert knowledge, as well as extensive experience in implementation of innovations in manufacturing sector allow the AUXO team to develop and offer customers comprehensive solutions for the transformation to a smart enterprise. From data storage and processing to the complete modernization of the IT infrastructure, AUXO will create the intellectual basis of your production. Including automotive sector, metallurgy, consumer goods, discrete and continuous production.
Ressources and Services
Industry “Resources and Services’ at AUXO combines such industries as retail, transport, logistics, energy and housing.

We offer our clients comprehensive solutions for the tasks of a particular business. Efficiency is achieved due to the balance of industry and technology knowledge of our company and, equally important, the experience of innovation in these industries.
Financial services and insurance
Industry «Financial services and insurance» at AUXO provides solutions for the banking and insurance sector.

We can help to create a platform to meet customer needs, using new technologies to improve legacy systems, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Industry «Telecommunications » at AUXO provides solutions for the Telco companies and Media.

The convergence of new technologies, such as edge, cloud, Open RUN and 5G, creates new wide opportunities for telecommunications and media companies.
AUXO has unique capabilities to support and accelerate the telecommunications transformation of existing networks and is ready to introduce new revolutionary services and solutions for customers from different sectors.
Industry "Healthcare" at AUXO provides solutions for pharmaceuticals and medical companies.
We can provide a full range of expertise and innovations to optimize almost every process in the research, production and analytical activities of pharmaceutical and medical companies.
Public sector
Industry "Public Sector" at AUXO provides solutions for government, as well as sports and major events.
AUXO works in partnership with government, helping to realize development and transformation plans to achieve better results for citizens and society.
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