Telecom Solutions
AUXO offers a wide portfolio of trusted services in telecom solutions
years of service

Vendor experience

Implementation and support for Siemens/Unify solutions

tests of communication systems and solutions
In-house service team
Engineers and architects

AUXO offers end-to-end solutions in conditions of no representative of the manufacturer in the Russian market
Restoration of working capacity
Guaranteed recovery of telephony and unified communications services by engineers of the Technical Support Center
Support of efficiency
  • technical inspection of telephony and unified communications systems;
  • report on the results of the inspection, including the current status of product working capacityс; работоспособности продукции;
  • recommendations for further operation and optimization of systemsпо дальнейшей эксплуатации и оптимизации систем.
Operational support
Consulting for technical support technicians, operating organizations, regarding the operability of products and solutions


  • Corporate communication platforms

  • Industry solutions

  • Unified communications and collaboration tools

  • Support & Consulting

  • Contact Centers

An important aspect of our work is the compliance of the proposed solutions with the requirements of the technological sovereignty. To this end, we invest significant resources in studying the market of solutions from Russian manufacturers, selecting and comprehensively testing the selected solutions in our own laboratory. As a result, our customers receive a reliable and secure solution that fully meets their business objectives and technological sovereignty requirements.
Problems of using solutions from foreign vendors
What our customers faced aas a result of the exit of the majority of global vendors from Russia
  • 1
    Unable to renew/purchase subscriptions to corporate communication tools
  • 2

    Inability to get important updates on purchased solutions

  • 3
    Expansion/implementation of new features

    Inability to expand current corporate communication platforms and applications, as well as the implementation and development of new features and services

  • 4

    No vendor support for current corporate communications platforms and applications

Import substitution services
An integrated approach to minimize risks
using infrastructure based on solutions from foreign manufacturers
Audit report
Extensive review of the customer's current corporate communications infrastructure
Optimal concept
Assistance in choosing the optimal system concept based on Russian manufacturers in order to meet the customer's business needs
Pilot and Demo
Release the pilot solution scheme and demonstrate its capabilities and benefits
Step-by-step plan
Preparing a phased plan for the migration or expansion of the system, taking into account all the nuances and maximizing the protection of investments
Hardware and Software
Supply of all necessary equipment and software
Installation and setup
Installation and configuration of the solution on a turn-key basis by our engineering department
Warranty, post-warranty and further support of the solution

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